Boy oh boy.

I was lucky enough to head out to the beach one night and capture this stunning family. Gorgeous mama, Sabena, had been holding off on cutting her three year old son’s hair until after our session. I think she made the right choice. How beautiful is this boy?? We all had so much fun at the beach, despite a chill in the air. Summer hadn’t quite settled in yet, but this trio never complained. We just bundled them up in a blanket and they kept on smiling.

Photo Riffin

So we missed last month - will you forgive us? The photo project is alive and well again and our theme for this month was aptly titled “GO”. It seemed to sit well with all of us and I’m looking forward to seeing a peek into what’s been going on in everyone’s little corner of the world.

“Go” is bang on for what’s been happening in my life these days. Not only do I have new virtual digs, but we are also packing up to move to a new house this summer. It all happened very quickly and before I could say “whaaaa???” we were new home owners and our place had sold. Boxes are being packed, goodbyes are being said and we are moving on out in August.

Another big “go” was that my youngest girl turned 5. Yup. That milestone means kindergarten is just around the corner. She is growing so fast this mama is disbelief that both my girls will be in school this fall. Eeek and yay:)

On the topic of ‘going’, my hub and I went out of town to celebrate our 10th anniversary this month. We headed to one of my favourite spots on the planet - Tofino, BC. Words can’t describe how much fun we had. Let’s just say that I likened it to our honeymoon in Italy and France:) So, lots of versions of ‘go’ in my life and I am enjoying the feeling of moving forward and embracing the new.

Now GO check out what Ms. Meghan Davidson is up too…

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