Amsterdam Lovin’.

I was lucky enough to be in Amsterdam only six months ago and fell very hard for the city. The canals, old buildings, little cobble stone streets, arty cafes, chic cyclists, loose livin’ folks, and a creative urban design mixed with old world renaissance, well, that is a city made for me. Anyway, this past spring break I went back there with my family.  It was a trip that took us to Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Oslo.  Having just returned home, I am in the thick of jet lag, piles of laundry and stacks of mail, BUT my heart is still here…

Bear Bottom.

Once upon a time I did a shoot with this little lady and her mama.  I may be a little bias, because I quite like (read: LOVE) them, but I think they are just beautiful.  The genuine sweetness of this little girl is felt through these photos. She is one gentle soul.


Aunty Cherry.

Our winter song

We may not have snow, but winter is here and we have embraced it. We do ‘cozy’ in a big way over here. I’m talking candles all day long, twinkle lights, flannel pj’s (all day long), hot cocoa, puzzle marathons, lengthy couch sessions with tall stacks of books and lots of ‘excuses’ to stay inside and under the covers.

Until the promise of Spring (which isn’t that long for us pacific west coasters), I will continue to light candles, cuddle under blankets and enjoy our winter song.

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