Writer in Residence.

She came home the other day from school and sat down immediately to “finish her book”. She asked for some help with the spelling, but other than that she was quiet for a long while. She crafted a story about “Squeak”, a mouse who celebrates her birthday with friends. She created the story arc, characters and illustrations with careful thought. It turns out this is just the beginning of a book series she is working on. She brought the finished book back to school and her teacher shared it with her class. Squeak is now “famous” and she has just completed the second book in the series “Squeak Goes To School” complete with a bathroom scene and a turkey sandwich incident (thankfully not at the same time).

Five years old and life is good.

Shiny Happy Baby

Beautiful light, a stunning mama and an adorable baby…what more could I ask for? This little girl put on quite a show for us and kept the smiles a comin’. There is nothing better than baby dimples, squeaky giggles and seeing mutual love in action.

I hope these photos will be a reminder of the precious and fleeting days of babyhood and early motherhood. The days are long, the nights are longer, but the rewards are counted in smiles and endless cuddles.

Big Love to you T and W. xox

Let Your Sparkle Shine Bright.

It’s true - I’m one of those “Christmas people”. I love the holidays. My memories from childhood are some of my favourite, so I long to recreate that with my family. There is just something special in the air in the month of December. All the sparkle and shine from the lights, the tinsel, the sugar from the cookies, the cards, gift wrapping, visiting and creating new memories is one big present all wrapped up for me. I love to linger in this lead-up time to the big day. The anticipation is the best part.

We are a ‘hybrid family” (that’s my term) and lucky enough to celebrate both Christmas and Hannukah. This week we will pull out the candles and light the menorah every evening. I’ve grown to love the ritual of seeing my girls light the candles each night and feel connected to this family tradition as well.

This year I shopped locally or ordered online. No mall was entered and I am a much happier human. We’ve had more time to cuddle up and enjoy the tree, read books by the fire, make hot chocolate and well, linger in this sweet spot.

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