Snow Day!

It doesn’t snow that often in the Pacific Northwest, so when it does my kids are bursting with excitement and snow suits are flying on before 7am (sorry neighbours!). That’s what happened last week when we got a good supply of the fluffy white stuff. The combination of sunshine, mountains, water, snow and two smiling children made this a very photo worthy morning.

How about today?

All it took was a walk with my little girl and our beloved canine to shake off this funk I’ve been in. The rains have set in and the days are dark, but for a few hours the sun poked through and we were off to explore. Her carefreeness, laughter and chutzpah was a delight to watch. I inhaled some of her captivating innocence and marvelled at the simple joy brought to us by the sun, a few puddles, a muddy dog park and the chance to run and play. I’m so glad I brought my camera for this extra(ordinary) afternoon.

Colorado Calls

Last month I had the pleasure of meeting up with some of my favourite camera slinging women in the beautiful hills of Colorado. This has trip has become a yearly pilgrimage to an ever changing location. Seven of us gather to snap, snap some more, laugh, cry, share, create, inspire and fill up our cups until they runneth over. This is about a gathering of kindreds. People that speak your language “catching up on our ‘grams’ (Checking Instagram), think the way you do “the photo would look better if you were pant-less in the woods”, and know what it means to search (often exhaustingly) for that elusive and visceral feeling known as ‘creativity’. These gals get me and the connection we share grows every year. I come back so invigorated and well, happy. For five days we gave ourselves permission to play. I played my little heart out and damn did it feel good. All I have to say is that adults need to give themselves more space to play. Being silly, being brave, being adventurous, being honest, and being yourself is a great way to start.

“The chief enemy of creativity is good sense.”
― Pablo Picasso

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