Portrait, age 10.

Newly turned 10, but always an old soul.

She loves:

Star Wars

Harry Potter




Eggs over easy


Taking things apart and figuring out how to put them together again

Her friends


Learning something new


10 glorious 10. Coming into herself each and every day as she learns more and more about how the world works. Shielding her from the painful raw truths and letting her explore and push the boundaries to feed her desire to learn and understand life. It’s a precipice and everyday that her hand is still firmly in mine, I am grateful.  

Winter suspension.

I’m dusting off this blog and breathing new life into it.  Despite being busy taking photos for work all year, I tend to neglect taking the images that make my heart sing.  So, I’m posting a few from the last couple of months. The days are short and light is sparse, but the moments are bright.

PDX with my Birds.

Once upon a time I went to Portland with my favourite photographers. Our annual soujourn was filled with all that my soul needs and requires. Laughter, music, food, great conversation, photography and did I mention laughter?  The universe brought us all together a few years ago and I am ever so grateful for their friendship.

“The Birds” consist of:

Lindsey Garrett

Corinna Robbins

Tara Romasanta

Deb Cowie

Tamar Haytayan

Meghan Davidson

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